Box Tops

Box Tops are small cut-out type coupons found on many General Mills products. Each classroom has a collection envelope often located near each classroom door and you can turn them in anytime, just cut them out and turn them in. For over 135 years, Box Tops has helped America’s schools raise over $250 million to buy the things they need.Each Box Top is worth 10¢. This money goes directly to the Proctor Terrace 6th grade Outdoor Education fund. Our school earns $600 – $1,000 annually from this promotion.

Our 6th grade students are asking for the support of families and community members such as you to help fund our 6th grade Outdoor Education program. It’s so easy to sign up to support our school at the Box Top website You can find monthly coupons and online shopping opportunities, with a % going to our school. You can also find a detailed list of products that carry the Box Tops coupon at this site.

Most Box Tops now have Expiration Dates, do not forget to turn them in, as expired Box Tops are not accepted.

Want to find out how much Proctor Terrace has earned from Box Tops? Go to and search for our school. Thank you for your support!

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