Classroom Wishlists

Some Proctor Terrace teachers have created Amazon wishlists to make it easier for parents to directly support their children’s classrooms and school. Each teacher can choose items, quantity and supplies that would make a difference in their classrooms, parents can easily purchase the exact items the teachers want, and Amazon ships and keeps track of it all to avoid duplicate purchases.  

Ms. Dochtermann
Ms. Lesmeister

Kinder Academy:
Ms. Johansson

Ms. Millea
Ms. Averbuck

First Grade:
Ms. Cameron
Ms. Hammond (Coleman)

Second Grade:
Ms. Drew
Ms. Guerrero
Ms. Forrest

Third Grade:
Ms. Gude-Dunbar
Ms. Johnson

Fourth Grade:
Ms. Wilkey

Fifth Grade:
Ms. Blackmore (5th/6th)
Ms. Hiatt

Sixth Grade:
Ms. Lyon

Music:  Mr. Fletcher
PE:  Mr. Nielson
Garden:  Carla Barber

Counseling:  Play dough, kinetic sand, thinking putty and art supplies (Niessia Benedetti Diehl)