Walkathon FAQs

Walkathon FAQs:

1) Do I have to be present for my child to participate in the Walkathon?
All students must be supervised by a parent, guardian or designee after school hours. For students in grades 1-6, supervision must begin at 2:25 pm.

For KA + Kindergarteners (K), it is requested that parents arrive at 1:15 pm to supervise and/or pick up their children before the Walkathon begins.
If your KA or K student regularly attends the 1 hour KinderCare, they may do so, but cannot walk until a parent/guardian/designee arrives. The volume of students for this event is large and the KinderCare staff cannot safely monitor these students on the field/track. It is strongly encouraged that KA + K parents make arrangements to arrive at 1:15 pm so their children will get to start the Walkathon with the entire school. It really is so much fun!

Please see Kindergarten Questionnaire for more info.

2) What is a designee?
A designee is an adult that a parent or guardian assigns to supervise their child in their absence, ie. due to work or other commitments. A designee can be a friend, another family member or even another parent at Proctor Terrace. This designee must be listed on your child’s permission slip.

3) What if I don’t want my child to participate in the Walkathon?
Parents can pick up their KA + Kindergarteners before the Walkathon begins at 1:15 pm. All other students will be participating in the Walkathon during school hours from 1:30-2:25 pm. If you would like to take your student home once school ends, they may be checked out in the Student Check Out area.

IMPORTANT: Please check-out at the Student Check Out Booth at the end of the Walkathon. Have your child turn in their Lap Counting Card to make their walking efforts official. Students must turn in their Card before leaving the school.

4) What are the hours of the Walkathon?
The Walkathon begins at 1:30 pm and finishes at 4:30 pm. Students can walk for part of this time or for the entire 3 hours. Their laps will be counted and monetary pledges and prizes are earned based on how many laps are walked and how much money is raised.

5) Other than walking, what else is there for students to do during the Walkathon?
There will be other fun activities that children can pay to participate in. These include:
Crazy Hair, Face Painting and a festive Photo Booth with a commemorative photo. Snacks can also be purchased. Fruit and water will be free.
There will also be a DJ to keep the kids motivated. Kids love these activities!

6) Will my child have to bring money?
Yes, the students will need money to participate in the activities listed above. However, you can also send in money before the Walkathon and your child can wear a pre-pay bracelet. Your child will be given this bracelet to wear on the day of the Walkathon. It will show the amount of money they have to spend. Parent volunteers will mark the bracelet each time a $1 increment has been used by your child. There is no limit on how much to pre-pay, however the leftover funds not used by your child cannot be refunded. Please read the Pre-Pay Bracelet form for further info.

7) What other items does my child need on the day of the Walkathon?
Sunscreen, a hat, comfortable walking shoes and a reusable water bottle would be helpful and are encouraged. There will be a refillable water station so students can use their own water bottles to stay hydrated. Any additional accessories to celebrate and represent our theme “Get Up and Grow” are encouraged! All students will get a commemorative t-shirt to wear on the day of the Walkathon, which have been generously donated by The Ratto Group.

8) How can I help at the Walkathon?
Parent volunteers are what makes this FUNdraiser such a memorable and successful event. If you would like to help out behind the scenes before the event, please email Charlie Woods, PTA President and Chair of the event, at 707equity@gmail.com. To volunteer to help on the day of the event, please go to the Walkathon page on the school’s website: www.proctorterracepta.org to find the online volunteer sign-up link.

9) Are any supplies needed for the event?
Yes, if you have a pop-up tent, large cooler or collapsible table, please contact the Charlie Woods: 707equity@gmail.com

10) How does the PTA use the Walkathon fundraising money?
The PTA uses the money to support our teachers and all students. Funds are used to pay for classroom supplies, classroom technology (ie. E-Beam Electronic White Boards, new laptops for all teachers), the computer lab, the school library, the school garden, sports programs, field trips, campus infrastructure improvements (ie. tables for the portable classroom area, new USA map on blacktop), new locks on all doors so that teachers can now lock doors from the inside and the IXL online math program for all students. Funds also pay for community building events, such as Tigerfest (the annual Halloween carnival), family movie nights and the Back-to-School Picnic. This is not a complete list, but please know that the PTA welcomes all parent voices at meetings to help decide how the money that we raise will be spent.

11) When does my child turn in the money they raise?
All money is collected after laps are tabulated after the Walkathon. Money should be put in an envelope with your child’s name on it + ‘Walkathon’ on the front and turned in to the office or to your child’s teacher. Checks should be made out to Proctor Terrace PTA. Online donations can also be made on the school website via PayPal: www.proctorterracepta.org.

If your child does not participate in the Walkathon, flat donations are still appreciated!

13) Are there prizes awarded?
Yes, students will earn prizes for most laps walked and most money raised. The Awards Ceremony occurs approximately 3 weeks after the Walkathon. Your child will have 2 weeks to collect money after the Walkathon. All money is due by Friday, October 10th.