Amazon Associate Program



Proctor Terrace PTA is enrolled as an Amazon Associate. If you click this link and buy any item at Amazon, the school will receive 4-15% of the purchase price 60 days after it ships. You only need to click this link once per shopping session, all purchased items will be counted. If you need to return later for more shopping, simply click this link again to get started.

The Amazon Associate program has the potential to successfully fund much-needed initiatives at our school with little effort on your part. All you have to do is click the Amazon logo above and then shop for any item. This does not affect your computer performance or privacy in any way. Tell your friends, coworkers and family!


REMEMBER: Once someone visits this page and clicks through the Amazon icon above, all they will see in their browser’s address bar will be a standard url containing a “tag” (such as “&tag=prtept-20“).  There will not be any other confirmation or pages. When someone creates a “session” at Amazon by using one of our links, all items placed in a shopping cart, purchased, and shipped will be credited to Proctor Terrace PTA’s affiliate program.

Please scroll down for directions on adding an extension to the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari web browsers so you can shop on Amazon at any time without clicking the above link.

Google Chrome web browser:

  1. Click this link which will show you the details for the ‘Amazing Affiliate Link’
  2. Click ‘Add to Chrome’
  3. Click ‘Add extension’
  4. Click the Chrome menu icon
  5. Click ‘Settings’
  6. Click ‘Extensions’
  7. Find ‘Amazing Affiliate Link’ in your list of installed extensions
  8. Click ‘Options’ below ‘Amazing Affiliate Link’
  9. You will see the default affiliate link page
  10. Delete everything in the box next to ‘United States –’
  11. Type in or copy and paste our affiliate ID: prtept-20
  12. Click save
  13. Use Amazon as you normally would, and it will always credit your purchases to Amazon
  14. Here is a PDF of the same instructions with screenshots.  Here is a video tutorial, make sure you input prtept-20 as the affiliate code.

Mozilla Firefox web browser:

  1. From Firefox, visit
  2. Click “Add to Firefox”, then “install”
  3. In the menu bar, select “Tools” and then “Add-ons”
  4. Select “Extensions” on the left and then click on “preferences” under the AffiliateFox extension
  5. Next to “” enter prtept-20 Just copy and paste it!

Apple Safari web browser:

  1. Click here to download this small extension.
  2. Save it somewhere you can locate easily — the desktop works well.
  3. Double click on the file; it is named “Affiliatizer.safariextz”. Click install.
  4. In the menu bar, select “Safari” and then “Preferences”.
  5. Select “Extensions” at the top of the window, then select Affilitizer for Safari.
  6. Replace the codes with prtept-20 . Just copy and paste it!

Mobile users (iPhone, iPad, Android phones & tablets/0:

  1. Visit the page you are on right now
  2. Click the amazon logo above, or click this link